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The most common question I get is “what exactly do you call yourself?”

The reason being I don’t perform only chiropractic adjusting, or only soft tissue, or only rehabilitative exercise, or only functional neurology, or only strength and conditioning, or only ARPwave treatments…or only…only…only…!

Truth is I don’t really know what to call what I (we) do.

The name of the blog is “Human Restoration”. All I can say is we do what has to be done in order to restore the patient or client to what they classify as their specific normal. Techniques and tools are only means to the end, which can be very helpful but in many cases with other practitioners, may be their hindrance or outright downfall.

I do ART, but am not an ART guy, I do functional training but am not a functional training guy, I work with the brain but am not a brain guy, I work with an ARP but am not an ARP guy, etc., etc.

The need for a “therapeutic title” is not necessary anywhere in the realm of rehabilitative science, only in the minds of those who don’t have the knowledge to determine the difference in application towards restoration of the human condition.

I had a patient come in after struggling with lower back pain for months which was preventing him from swinging a bat, and since he was a collegiate baseball player player, it was a substantial hindrance. I evaluated him, treated him, and made recommendations to his (“well known”) strength coach regarding changes to be made to his programming. This was met with animosity and insulting commentary towards my title as “just a chiropractor”. Long story short, the patient left that (“well known”) strength coach and has not had any lower back pain since, as well as continuing to play collegiate baseball at the highest level.

Lesson: I do not know what to call what we do. Simply put, we evaluate what is wrong, and what is good about a patients condition. Recommend a course of therapeutic action. Follow through with said course of action until resolution of the patients condition has been achieved. Patient smiles ; ) !